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What is "Published."?
Published. is not just another boring "how to" book on how to write and publish your first book.
You'll learn...
  • My 3-step method that takes you from blank page to rough draft finished in less than one week (write a better book in 1/10 of the time)
  • How to save $1,000's of dollars in the editing & book production process...producing a "traditionally-published quality" book on a budget.
  • My proven steps for building buzz for your book ahead of your launch
  • 4 launch strategies you can use to successfully launch your book...even if you don't have an audience, or any marketing skills
  •  How to keep book sales going after your launch
  •  Easy ways you can use your book to drive sales of your product & service offerings
Published. is a SHORTCUT.
Writing a book can be a frustrating, painful process...especially if it's your first time. I've watched people struggle through this process (for years) the hard way, and I've also taught 1,000's of people to breeze through this process the easy way. The shortcuts, templates, and lessons I've learned are found in this book. Which way will you choose?
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Introducing Published. - The Proven Path From Blank Page To Published Author...
Here Are A Few Of The Things You'll Learn Inside This FREE Book...
  • How a 20 page PDF turned into my first published book that brought in $6,639.84 in the first month...-pg. 10
  • Traditional Publishing - Exposed. I expose the truth about the publishing industry and the answer to the question "traditional or self-published?" (this is going to tick some people off) -pg 30
  • 11 limiting beliefs that keep 99% of people from ever writing their book - and how to beat them (Hint: You're probably suffering from at least 5 of these) -pg. 33
  •  4 ways to come up with a book idea (even if you have no clue what to write about) -pg. 46
  •  What to do when you have TOO MANY book ideas (and my 3 step process for choosing which book to write first) -pg. 48
  •  My 3 step process for beating the blank page (your book will practically write itself when you're finished with this) -pg. 51
  •  My answer to the question: "How long should my book be?" (including examples of other book's length specific to their genre) -pg. 62
  •  The ONLY two writing rules ever (seriously, if you ignore these it will take you YEARS to write your book!) -pg. 64
  •  What to do when you have a mental breakdown after reading your first draft... happens to the best of us; better to be prepared. :) -pg. 78
  •  My job posting template for hiring a good editor...this alone will save you $1,000's of dollars and keep you from hiring a bad one! -pg. 86
  •  Tips for coming up with a perfect book title -pg. 91
  •  The Anatomy Of A Winning Book Cover (HINT: there's a difference between a "good-looking" and a "good-selling" book cover) -pg. 96
  •  Shotgun vs rifle book marketing... the "less is more" approach to successfully launching your book -pg. 111
  •  7 steps to creating a launch team for your book -pg. 118
  •  How to build buzz for your book BEFORE your launch -pg. 129
  •  Using your book to effortlessly build an audience (and an email list). This tip brought in 3,354 leads & $92,228.50 within 55 days of launching one of my books!! -pg. 136
  •  4 step-by-step launch plans for your book...swipe these "plug-and-play" launch plans to guarantee success with your book launch -pg. 149
  •  My proven process for getting the MAXIMUM amount of reviews on your book​(includes follow-up templates!) -pg. 183
  •  My wake-up call...and why you REALLY need to write your book (probably not the reason you're thinking) -pg. 191
Here's What To Do Next...
Like I mentioned before, this book is FREE. All I ask is that you hep me cover the printing & postage costs of $7.95 anywhere in the U.S.! (slightly more for international)
There Is No Catch!
There's absolutely no catch. No gimmicks. No hidden fees.

In case you're wondering why I'm doing this, there's a few reasons...

1. Publishing my first book changed my life forever... I was 19 years old and my book brought in $1,000's in monthly passive income, paying the bills and allowing me to drop out of college to start my business. 

My book opened up opportunities I never knew existed. My life forever changed the day I published my book.

2. I want others (you) to have the same experience I had... finally publishing your first book without the wasted time, wasted money, and unnecessary frustration.

I want you to learn from my mistakes, and follow my blueprint (this book) so you can successfully write & launch your book in record time...exploding your income, your business, and your authority.

3. I get one of my products in your hands... and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other products from me in the future. Who knows, maybe you'll even join Self-Publishing School :)
Time Is Of The Essence...
Here's why...

We've only printed a few hundred copies of this book, and when they're gone...they're gone!

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. Look forward to talking to you again real soon inside the book. :)

Chandler Bolt
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