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Lead Magnets & Landing Pages for Authors

How to Explode Your Email List of Raving Fans & Book Buyers—
Even if You Have No Marketing Experience 
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Only the top 2% of successful authors who earn a consistent income from their books are doing this.

When our students come to us, one of their biggest questions is: how do I sell more books on a consistent basis without spending thousands on ads?

The answer is actually very simple...grow an email list.

But many of our students, without a website or years of marketing experience, have no idea how to do that and sometimes, what that even means.

At Self-Publishing School, this is among one of the things we do best, and we've decided to bottle it up into an exclusive course you can't find anywhere else. One that will take you from 0 subscribers to steadily-growing email list of dedicated buyers—on autopilot.

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S E L F - P U B L I S H I N G  S C H O O L  —  F E A T U R E D   I N

Go from Zero Subscribers to Engaged Repeat Book-Buyers in 
Half the Time

For the First Time Ever, We're Sharing The Proven
System Our Authors Use to Grow Their Email Lists & Sell More Books!

No. Email marketing is not dead.

In fact, it's one of the best ways to grow your marketing platform (that you own ) of people who 
have already said, "YES! I want what you have to offer!" But you can't use email marketing if you don't have a list...

And you can't grow a list without lead magnets and landing pages that convert.


  • Know EXACTLY what type of lead magnet (freebie offer) will speak to an audience who will love your book/s (spoiler, this can be anything, but if you want to sell books, it has to be the right offer!)
  • ​Create a STUNNING lead magnet offer for FREE that you can easily attach to your book with our templates
  • Be able to quickly and easily create a landing page (for FREE) that gets sign-ups right to your email list with tutorials to show you exactly what to put on the page and where
  • ​SAVE hours of time spent researching and trying to figure out what a landing page is or how to deliver your lead magnet to people who sign up (because we show you exactly how, step-by-step)
  • ​SAVE $$$ by learning the best and cheapest email softwares to use to grow your email list quickly
  • Skip the fluff available online when it comes to growing your email list by learning what works for AUTHORS specifically—from the people who have experience teaching thousands these very methods
  • ​CONNECT with your raving fans and share your author journey with them
  • PROMOTE your brand, book, and services without feeling like you're being "salesy"—including the next book/s you publish!

Get access to the Lead Magnets & Landing Pages for Authors course for  $397  $147

7 Complete Modules of Easily-Replicable Systems Our Authors Use to Explode Their Email Lists & Sell More Books

In this course, you're going to learn...  

We'll break down exactly what a lead magnet is, and more importantly, why you need them in order to grow your author income and platform to sell more books on a consistent basis.

Not all lead magnets are created equal. We'll go through exactly why type of lead magnet will not only get you more subscribers, but what will get you the RIGHT subscribers who are most likely to buy your book and future ones you publish.
Not only is the type of lead magnet important, but crafting the full asset to actually benefit the person receiving it can be both challenging and the one indicator of a loyal book-buyer in the future.

We'll go through screen shares of how we personally create quiz funnels as lead magnets that tell us more about our target audience (that we can use to market to them better!), as well as screen shares of how to make high quality graphics without needing to know graphic design at all.

Your landing page is where you'll send people so they can get your lead magnet. The way it's constructed can mean the difference between a long-term subscriber or someone who sees it and leaves without a trace. We'll show you exactly what you need.

Whether you have budget to spend on an email provider and landing page software or if you need one for free, we'll walk you through the different options available for your unique needs and goals.

Most importantly, we'll connect all of these pieces to help you put together the full scope, from lead magnet sample in your book to your landing page to delivering the freebie itself, and how you can utilize these steps to sell more books along the way.

Are you tired of getting book buyers, but never being able to connect with them again?

The truth is that when it comes to making a full-time living as an author, writing and publishing multiple books is the best route to get there.

The trouble is...

We often don't have any way to connect with previous book buyers when we release a new one. Meaning, we lose out on the opportunity to let them know we have another book available!

And that's not to even mention the ability to ask for a review after they've finished reading...

But when you get them to sign up to your email list with a lead magnet, you will forever have their contact information to ask for a review, send them updates, and even get them excited and ready for your next book launches!
Hacking Your Book To Get Email Subscribers You Can Continue Selling To
For most authors, selling books on Amazon is the #1 route to go to. The problem is...Amazon doesn't give you the email address of buyers. Which means you're basically left to focus on Social Media or Paid Ads as a way of advertising to an audience.

But that doesn't always work...because:

- There's no guarantee that the people finding your ads or social media profiles are the right fit for your books
- You're spending time and money up front on people who have not yet even shown interest in your books
- Your time is being spent on ad strategy instead of investing in fostering a long-term connection with repeat book-buyers (aka: raving fans who leave 5-star reviews!)

When you can capture someone's attention (and email address) with a lead magnet that's inside your book, you get to market to and connect with people who have already said "YES! I want more from you!".

Those are the repeat buyers who will lead to a full-time revenue stream. But you have to find a way to get their information when you're only selling books on Amazon or other online retailers. And that involves a specific strategy our authors use to get subscribers even before they buy the book

Which is exactly what we detail in this course.
Are you tired of searching the web to learn these tactics, only to be left with information that only helps businesses...and not specifically authors?
There is countless information online about lead magnets and landing pages. We know! But the truth is, the large majority of this advice is tailored to businesses and marketing professionals, not authors who are just trying to get more subscribers so they can get back to what they truly love: writing and publishing books.

Getting subscribers to your email list as an author is very different than getting leads as a business. We understand this.

That's why we decided to create this course. We want to take the guesswork out of this entire process so you can create high-quality lead magnets and landing pages that work to build your email list on auto-pilot—and do it quickly with the tools and softwares that can make it happen without spending hundreds of dollars on add-ons and extras.

Get access to the Lead Magnets & Landing Pages for Authors course for $397 $147

Who is Lead Magnets & Landing Pages for Authors for?


Authors who are looking to influence and change lives with a book, while building trust and credibility in their field (including memoirs & life stories).

Business Builders

Author-preneurs that want to publish a book to grow their business by gaining new leads they can sell to through email follow-ups for higher ticket products or services. 

Fiction Storytellers

Creative writers who want to write and publish many books, either stand-alones or series, and create a full-time living from their books by getting repeat buyers and raving fans.

Lead Magnets & Landing Pages: Fiction & Nonfiction

  • Examples (over 20) of Different Lead Magnets for Both Fiction and Nonfiction Authors
  • Screen Share Walkthroughs of How to Create A Strong Landing Page
  • More Screen Shares of Designing a Professional-Grade Lead Magnet Readers Can't Wait to Get Their Hands On
  • How to Build Infographics & Assets to Increase the Quality and Value of Your Lead Magnet
  • Examples and Options of Softwares (Both Free and Paid) to Use—and Screen Shares of Actually Using Them
  • Connecting All of These Moving Pieces to Build a Strong Email Subscriber List of Engaged Fans

Grab the Lead Magnets & Landing Pages for Authors course!

It can be extremely difficult to build your email list as an author—especially if you don't want to spend a ton of time in the marketing, and want to get back to what you truly love, which is writing and publishing books. We make it really easy with this course, cutting out the fluff and getting you back to the basics that work.

Get access to the Lead Magnets & Landing Pages for Authors course immediately for $397 $147

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Wondering If This Course is Actually For You? 

Here are some common questions...
What if I haven't actually published my book yet?
Then this is the perfect course for you! The best place to start when it comes to growing an email list is in the planning phase. This can help you better pair a lead magnet with your book and get subscribers right from the start—not to mention having a much stronger book launch!

What makes this lead magnet and landing page product different from the rest?
We know there's a lot of information online about lead magnets and landing pages...but there is nothing purely for authors at this level. Not only will you learn the basics of lead magnets and landing pages in general, but you'll specifically learn how to pair this with your book in order to increase subscribers and attract the kinds of readers who will continue buying your books.

What if I don't have a book? 
That's okay! If you don't have a book yet, but know eventually you WILL have one, then you will learn a ton from this course that you will be able to start implementing and generating ideas from when it comes time to start working on a book. You can even take what you've learned in the course to build a framework for your book and a strategy that will be ready to go right when your book is done and published.

What if I don't have budget for special marketing softwares?
You don't need it! We offer examples of both paid and FREE options when it comes to softwares. We know budding authors may not have as much budget to spend on this, and wanted to make sure all the options were on the table so you can be just as successful as anyone who has extra savings to spend.

I am brand new to the book marketing world, will I still be able to follow along?
Absolutely! We specifically designed this course for non-marketers. Meaning all of the information will be for people who may have never even heard of what a "lead magnet" is, but it's also for anyone looking for a strategy specifically for authors when it comes to growing their email list, even if you're familiar with the basics.

Will this work for both fiction and nonfiction authors?
YES! From the beginning, we knew how important it was to create a course that taught authors of all styles, genres, and backgrounds how to effectively use lead magnets to grow their email lists. This means our examples and strategies will include both fiction and nonfiction for you to learn from.

Get access to the Lead Magnets & Landing Pages for Authors course for $397 $147

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